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Everything we do revolves around our customers. Your requirements are our priorities.

We decided to make things easy. After producing over 800 commercials, web spots, music videos and broadcast projects, we took our best people and combined them with the latest technology. The result is SPOTBURNER; a digital marketing company dedicated to helping you produce innovative branded content professionally and inexpensively.

We are happy to provide a seamless video production solution for your creative vision and help you execute premium content to message your brand easily and effectively. We distribute your branded video content to specific targeted viewers using multiple outlets and the latest programmatic technology.

With one of the most renowned studios in Burbank California, offices in Westlake Village and on-location capabilities, we have the advantage of a one-stop production and distribution source that is able to deliver content for your approval faster and at a lower cost.

Loyal Studios Production Green Screen

After Producing over 800 projects for Commercials, Branded Content, Broadcast, Gaming, Music Videos and Feature Films, we built Loyal Studios for other Producers who need a professional and functional place to work.

Our specialty is our pre-lit green screen stage that has a number of features including:

  • 3-Sided Cyc (for high and low-angle shots)
  • Custom Paint Colors (with 24 hours notice)
  • Producers Room (with high-speed internet, conference table & multiple work areas)
  • Video Village Cart with 42″ HD Monitor
  • Talent Wing (with private green room)
  • Hair and Makeup Suite
  • 50’s Style Diner (with seating for up to 50 people!)
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • 5-Ton Grip and Lighting Package

Our technical capabilities set us apart by giving producers multiple other features and benefits including:

  • Studio Control Room (integrated for a 1-5 camera shoot)
  • Control Room
  • High-Speed Fiber Optic Distribution
  • Complete Post Production & VFX Services
  • Complete Professional Production Crews
  • Creative Services