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By: Bob Bekian

Multi camera video production gives a production the opportunity to have multiple camera angles, and as a result, a higher quality video production. Los Angeles is a hub for video content production ranging from small independent YouTube “Influencers” creating content for their channels to high-end brand commercials done by large agencies.

The concept of multi camera production originated with the advent of television in the early 1950’s with shows such as “I Love Lucy”, which was filmed with three cameras. I Love Lucy is considered a groundbreaking television series for several technical production innovations and is the benchmark today for how to produce content with several talent on camera. Shot at the Desilu Studios in Los Angeles, (which is now part of the Paramount lot), I Love Lucy is considered one of the most successful television shows of all time.

This is not only because of the great content it provides, but also because of the many angles the multi camera strategy provided for the viewer.

The basic premise of a multi-cam video production is to “cover” the audience’s viewpoint and give the post-production team enough footage to capture the various on-camera talent’s reactions and dialogue.  There are companies in Los Angeles like Spotburner, which can produce a turn-key multi camera production and work with producers to develop a project from creative to deliverable.

There are also studios in Los Angeles that are set up to offer a multi-camera venue such as Loyal Studios. 

Traditionally, multi-camera content has required a large investment in equipment and materials. With the advent of high quality equipment at a more affordable price point, multi camera production is now an attainable option for smaller budget branded content projects and web-based videos. With the right production partners, equipment and location, you can now produce a high quality multi camera production in Los Angeles just like “I Love Lucy”  at a fraction of what it traditionally has cost.

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As the need for video content increases, the production process is taking place everywhere. From highly-financed professional productions to low-budget user generated content, Video has become the proven method to tell stories in a cluttered online world.

The typical method for producing a video has been to create the project using multiple resources such as equipment and people. The process can be time-consuming and expensive because there are often several levels of availability of people such as Photographers, Editors and Sound Technicians and the coordination of all of the other details of a “shoot”.

Creative aspects aside, the process for organizing a video project includes the location logistics, crew booking, equipment assembly (which often includes renting). Then there are all of the other details including casting, post production, file management and Post Production. Of course then you need to manage wardrobe, make-up and hair, catering and craft services and parking.

As our friends in Production know these are just some of the tasks that need to be organized and finalized before one frame of video is produced.

Companies like, have developed a turn-key production service that handles all of these details for one price. Agencies and Clients are finding that they have more time to develop their creative and make final decisions on casting by using Companies like Spotburner.

By partnering with technology-driven studios like, Production Companies like Spotburner can combine the best people with the best technologies such as high-speed fiber which give clients the ability to live stream HD content in real time anywhere in the world.

Video Content is essential for any business or product that wants visibility. By partnering with a full-service Video Production Company like Spotburner, clients can reduce the hassle and cost of the production process and focus on their creative vision.

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Blue cyc background production

Los Angeles County – August 2016

By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner

Los Angeles has become the center for Digital Content and Green Screen techniques have become crucial to the process. Green and Blue have become the colors of choice when taking live action video, compositing and matching it with digital content from another source.

Green color, (specifically Neon or “Chroma”) has been proven to be the best color to digitally remove from a live subject during the Post Production process. Blue is also used extensively and works especially well with people who have blond hair because green is more likely to appear in their hair.

Green Screen video projects range from interviews to complicated visual effects projects. Feature Film projects have higher budgets and often complicated sequences but simple interviews can be done with a portable Green Screen backdrop.

The best way to produce these types of projects is to use a Pre-Lit green screen studio. A pre-lit studio with a cyclorama design (which provides an “infinite” background) saves producers time and money by allowing the precious on-set time to be maximized because lighting the green screen properly can take hours.

By using real-time file transfers as well as live keying, Producers can save time and money. The result shortens the Post Production cost and timeframe. Traditionally, a day of shooting would not include these stages during the shoot day, but smart producers are learning to leverage technology to accomplish even more in one day.

There are several studios offering a Pre-Lit Cyclorama stages and a few providing a turn-key service including cameras, lighting technicians, and sound recording.

In order to maximize your budget on a Green Screen shoot, find a pre-lit studio and organize your shooting day to be able to accomplish other essential digital post-production tasks during that day. By utilizing these techniques you will be able to get more done in less time which of course will save you money on your production budget.

Bob Bekian is a Digital Content Producer & Director and has completed a large body of work as a result using professional Green Screen production techniques.


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Los Angeles County – August 2016

By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner

We are all overwhelmed with the amount of advertising messages we are exposed to every day. From digital pop-up Ads to Billboards, some researchers have published that we are exposed to up to 1000 brand messages per day.

So the question becomes, “How do I get my brand message noticed?”
The answer is simple: Video.

It has been proven that quality video engages better, has a better retention rate and
Is shared more than other types of content.

1.8 million words.
That’s the value of a one minute video according to Dr. James Mcquivey of Forrester research. Do you have the time to write 1.8 million words? Neither do I . This research was based on the views videos attained and were engaged with vs. word-based content. The measurement we marketers like to use is engagement and nothing engages better online than video. We watch, share and click-through prompted by compelling online video.

100 Million videos watched per day.
According to the latest statistics, over 100 million videos are watched everyday globally. Although we know some of these are cat and cute kid videos, many are informative and compelling,often telling stories which help convey brand messages.
In terms of marketing cost and distribution, effective online video provides the best return on investment according to numerous studies.

That is the percentage increase in the click through rate (CTR) of introductory e-mail campaigns when accompanied by a video. Videos pull the viewer into the message and make it easier to understand. Ask yourself, would you rather watch a good video story passively or read through pages of words?. Most people I have interviewed say that they would rather watch a good video.

With all of the brand message strategies available today, I recommend you look at creating quality compelling video to help tell your company’s story and describe your products and services. It will get you better engagement, improve your online profile, and develop a better way for people to understand what your company does and what it has to offer.

Bob Bekian is the owner of Spotburner, a digital marketing and professional video company that specializes in helping businesses create and produce effective video strategies.

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Los Angeles County – July 2016

By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner

Los Angeles County has been a center for Entertainment Production, dating back to when the original Studio owners came from New York to sunny L.A. in the early 1900’s.

Hollywood was established as the center for Film and Television production at this time because the studios could use the year round sun and weather to their advantage.

Fast-forward to today and Los Angeles remains a hub for content production and distribution. Santa Monica has been named “Silicon Beach” as a result of the large number of tech start-ups and digital content producers.

The cost of producing digital content in Los Angeles can be very expensive, but if you follow these guidelines, :

  1. Choose the right location.

In order to legally shoot in Los Angeles, a permit must be obtained. Filming permits can be obtained through

For a studio shoot, check out studios that offer as many services as possible. We designed Loyal Studios for producers to save time and money by offering a pre-lit soundstage and a functional technical design.

  1. Hire the right crew.

Sounds easy right? Put an ad on craigslist and interview the candidates.

Although this sometimes works, there are several factors which are important to consider. Is the crew member technically proficient with the chosen pieces of equipment? Check out their reels and samples of work. For most professionals, they will have some credits on IMDB which should be checked. The main objective is to put together a team that will be efficient, professional and capture excellent content.

  1. Use the right equipment.

There are many choices of equipment which can be used for capturing your content but there is no coming back from bad video, lighting or sound. So match your photographer with the right camera. They should know how to master that tool which is essentially a computer with a lens on it. Proper lighting is also essential and should be appropriate for the shot.

As far as sound goes, it is always important to user the proper microphones and mixer in order to capture a clean sound recording.

The idea is to plan and obtain good footage with excellent sound quality for post production. By following these 3 simple rules, your project will benefit from these important essential production guidelines.

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Production Hollywood

Los Angeles County – June 2016

By: Bob Bekian

Every brand is now focusing on content production. Advertising agencies and businesses have realized that good quality content (primarily video) is essential for brand storytelling. There are several reasons why I believe that Los Angeles is the best place in the world to produce video content.

Los Angeles has the technology.

Because of the long Hollywood history associated with Los Angeles, L.A. is a hub of traditional and the latest technology for production. Camera systems and post-production facilities of all levels and specialties are available in here. From visual effects to the latest Virtual Reality production, L.A. continues to be at the leading edge of content technology resources.

Los Angeles has the locations.

From massive natural rock formations to pre-lit studios, L.A. has thousands of choices when it comes to places to produce content. There are several urban locations including the Sepulveda Dam and the 3rd street bridge downtown that can represent a time from our past, and the wide range of technical studios in L.A. give Producers many options for production locations.

Los Angeles has the People.

From Directors of Photography to 3D animators, L.A. has incredible talent.

Incredibly talented people from all over the world have decided to re-locate in L.A. because of the major studio proximity as well as the tech boom in “Silicon Beach” (West L.A & Santa Monica).

Many new jobs have been created as a result of the newer technologies being used in content production. There are talented people in L.A. who can execute 360-degree camera work as well as serve as digital image technicians for productions.

Los Angeles has been the hub of the film industry since the early 20th Century, and with the proliferation of Virtual Reality, 3D and Branded Content, L.A. is the best place in the world to get those types of projects done.

Bob Bekian is a content producer and the owner of Loyal Studios based in Los Angeles.